Cynthia Lam
Editor for Stitched Sound.

I take photos, interview bands, and write reviews. Also a web designer and active blogger.

Stitched Sound is looking to expand our staff! is looking for driven, creative, and music loving people to join our team of writers, interviewers, and photographers. 

We hope to find new staff members who are also passionate about spreading the word of awesome and all different types of music to as many people as possible. We are looking for people who are dedicated to help make this happen. 

In the past four years we have worked with bands including Pierce The Veil, Miss May I, BlessTheFall, and critically acclaimed artists including Lights and Little Mix. 

We are accepting applications at the moment for all positions, so be sure fill out the form on our website or give me a shout out at if you are interested! 

16.Mar.14 6 months ago

Want to help with Stitched Sound?

We’re looking for enthusiastic, music loving writers and photographers! Send me an e-mail at 

23.Feb.13 1 year ago

Have any of you checked out the new issue of Stitched Sound yet?

What did you think? And if not, why haven’t you! Check it out here.

02.Jul.12 2 years ago

Check out my interview with Carly Rae Jepsen - July 2010!

Just because I’m jamming out right now and going through our old Stitched Sound interviews - this was featured in our August 2010 issue, two years ago! Kinda crazy, things have changed so much since then. 

What Sparked your interest in music and made you decide to choose a career in music?
My family is extremely musical so they of course where a huge influence. I have to say that seeing Melissa Ethridge when I was about 11 years old was also a big reason why I decided to take a run at it. The concert brought me to happy tears.

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26.Apr.12 2 years ago

Would anyone be interested in helping promote Stitched Sound?


Like passing out flyers at shows and putting up posters. Let us know below!
You will be rewarded with free prints, posters and more!

I’ll contact you through your ask (make sure it’s open) and I will directly mail you flyers, posters, and such.

19.Dec.11 2 years ago


I will be doing an interview with All Time Low for Stitched Sound on Wednesday. If you have any questions, be sure to click here and submit them

05.Dec.11 2 years ago