Cynthia Lam
Editor for Stitched Sound.

I take photos, interview bands, and write reviews. Also a web designer and active blogger.

Stitched Sound is looking to expand our staff! is looking for driven, creative, and music loving people to join our team of writers, interviewers, and photographers. 

We hope to find new staff members who are also passionate about spreading the word of awesome and all different types of music to as many people as possible. We are looking for people who are dedicated to help make this happen. 

In the past four years we have worked with bands including Pierce The Veil, Miss May I, BlessTheFall, and critically acclaimed artists including Lights and Little Mix. 

We are accepting applications at the moment for all positions, so be sure fill out the form on our website or give me a shout out at if you are interested! 

16.Mar.14 7 months ago

It’s that time of year again!

Hey guys! 

It’s almost Christmas? Can you believe that? I’d love to send you all a christmas/holiday card! Just send me your name/address in my ask! 

I’m so sorry that I’ve been a bit MIA this year, since one of the venues closed down in Edmonton we have been getting like no good shows, and it stinks. Boooo. However I do have quite a lot of travel photos and some old re-edited band photos that will be posted soon! 


11.Dec.13 10 months ago



i’m selling each of them to 50 cents only + shipping! I have them all lying around, so I have nothing much to do with them. Check it out :)

22.Oct.13 12 months ago